Mandoux collaborates with artisans who use traditional skills to create contemporary products. Our aim is to protect their traditions ensuring they are passed on to the next generation, whilst they create quality items with integrity and skill and provide support for their own communities.



Alonso and his family are indigenous to Ecuador and live in a town, with a 500 year old history of weaving.  They use handlooms to transform the fiber into sumptuous woven fabric available in every colour under the sun both natural and bright. His family is a success story in a country where over half of the population is considered poor. They have turned their home into a business and with the support of Mandoux will continue to thrive. We at Mandoux use the fabric to create a variety of products -  throws, baby blankets, hot water bottle covers, scarves and wraps.

Alpacas are found in the Andes Mountains and their fiber, is deemed, by some, to be higher quality material than cashmere.  For centuries, the fur was considered the fabric of royalty because of its luxurious softness and durability. The fibers have a hollow core that traps little pockets of air, producing softer, silk-like strands that act as insulators against both cold and heat, keeping you cool during the summer and warm in the winter. Genious!

Alpaca fibre is guaranteed to keep you "snuggly buggly" wherever you are.  It has a light, fine, warm and cashmere-like texture that feels wonderful on the skin, with no lanolin, making it naturally hypo-allergenic - so no itching!  The yarn is the product of a sustainable process.  The animals are sheared once a year and the fibre is cleaned using a mild detergent and then coloured.  It is naturally soft with a luxurious lustre and five times warmer than wool.  

Even better, it is extremely easy to care for and can be machine washed on a cool cycle - what could be easier than that!