Mandy Dakin was born in Barbados

where the colours of the caribbean and her grandmothers artistic talents were a great influence.  She moved to UK during her teens and studied textiles in Huddersfield which culminated in a business designing and making unique rugs.  She is married to a wonderful man who supports her creative mess which follows her around the world and they have lived in Asia and the USA which has continued to feed her interest in the arts and hand made products. However, way back then, with two young children, there was less time and space available to continue designing rugs and creativity was put on hold.  As the children grew up, space to pursue her interests appeared and in 2010 after an MA at Bath Spa University, she partnered with her sister and a family of weavers in Ecuador to bring there quality alpaca fabrics to the UK .  In the, UK Mandy works closely with wonder woman, Donna who is able to transform the fabrics into blankets, hot water bottle etc and so Mandoux Ltd began.  

Mandoux is a small business that works closely with its clients and if you as a client need or want something, then it is always worth a conversation. Being small allows them to be flexible and adaptible and to fulfill your wishes.